What a mind-blowing Roy Orbison impersonator this guy is! Kept closing my eyes to try and spot any voice differences, but couldn’t. He’s the nearest to a Roy Orbison voice clone I’ve ever come across (and I’ve seen many “Big O” impersonators over the years)! The band and backing singers sounded so much like the originals also. Was just a brilliant show.
Please bring Aaron back again in the near future. read more

MoeMimThe Palms at Crown Melbourne - Southbank - Sat 20 Aug 2016
Absolutely fantastic, he impersonated Roy so well that everyone in the audience was commenting on how well he sang like Roy, even down to keeping his mouth closed while singing.
Go see for yourself it was fantastic loved every minute!
Favourite moment: Meeting Aaron at the end and getting a photo with him, what a very humble young man and thanked me for the feed back I gave him.

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PheiCrown Theatre Perth - Burswood - Sat 27 Aug 2016

Blown away! The entire show from beginning to end was magic – Aaron’s voice shook the theatre and the whole audience was captivated and in awe.

It was easy to forget that we weren’t watching Roy and his original band. The set, the costumes, the voice and sound – It was truly a fantastic night and the best concert I have ever seen.

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TahliaWaliaCrown Theatre Perth - Burswood - Sat 27 Aug 2016
Not having seen Aaron W Mansfield before, we didn’t really know what to expect. My Wife and I are huge Roy Orbison fans and are very sceptical when it comes to Roy Tributes.
In our opinion, Aaron is the only Roy Orbison Tribute act that can ever do Roy Orbison justice and the only Tribute that we will see again.
Don’t bother seeing the other so claimed “Australia’s Roy Orbison” tribute acts, Aaron is the Real Deal and is the Worlds Roy Orbison. The whole cast were just amazing and the show really replicated ‘Black and White and Night’ perfectly.
Well done to all Involved. We can’t wait to see Aaron again.

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RoyOFanCrown Theatre - Burswood, Perth - 27/08/2016

You didn’t need to close your eyes to believe it was the ‘Big O’ singing. On introduction Aaron was described as having the next best voice to Roy Orbison and this analogy was right on the money. Outstanding performer and engaged the audience brilliantly. Absolutely unforgettable experience. read more

Rozzy1967State Theatre - Sydney - 04/11/2017